Digital Euro? Finland makes a cautious statement


The European Central Bank (ECB) will decide around the middle of next year whether it will issue an E euro. Meanwhile, Olli Rehn, Governor of the Central Bank of Finland, is almost certain: the digital euro will be launched this decade.

In an interview with the news agency Reuters on 16 October, Rehn commented on the fiscal policy of the European Central Bank. Among other things, he discussed corona reactions, deflation and inflation risks and the central bank’s remit. He also spoke briefly about the digital euro and cash.

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The ECB was late in getting to grips with a digital central bank currency (CBDC). However, it is now at the forefront of this field, along with other central banks. However, while the central bank has so far only developed concepts, Rehn makes somewhat more concrete statements: The E-Euro will probably be introduced within the next ten years. However, he did not say how that would be assessed.

European Central Bank wants public opinion
And an important element is that [the digital euro] will not be a substitute for cash, but a complement to it, which I think is important for citizens.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Finland talks to Reuters.
With these words Olli Rehn reaffirms the intentions of the European Central Bank, which have been expressed on many occasions. The bank wants to find out what the opinion of the citizens really is by means of a survey. Both private individuals and institutions can indicate how they would use the euro and what advantages and disadvantages they think there are.